Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men
Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men
Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men
Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men
Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men
Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men

Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men

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Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men delivers professional, EASIEST hair & beard styling on the go! No more messy, tangling beard in the morning!

This styling tool is specifically designed for combing, smoothing & detangling facial hair & beard. The detachable comb acts as a protective cover to ensure safety and avoid damaging/ overburning your beard.Not only for beard, also ideal for hair styling- it volumizes flat hair, straightens curly hair & flattens side hair naturally with even & damage-free heating.

  • Beard Combing
    Smooth out facial hair & beard for an effortlessly soft finish.

  • For Any Type of Beard
    Can be used for men with all types of beard: Curled / straight, thin/ thick, long or short beard.
  • Instant Hair Styling
    Volumize hair, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair.

  • No Hair Damage
    Even heat avoids any "hot spot" to overburn your beard. Ceramic coating barrels and comb teeth protect your hair and preserve moisture for the natural shine of beard hair.
  • Safe to Use
    The comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent beard from overburning.

  • Quick Heating
    Preheat within 15 seconds for quick styling.
  • Long-lasting
    Amazing effect maintained throughout the day without using hair gel or spray.
  • Easy to use
    Just comb to fix your messy beard and hair.
  • Tangle-free Comb
    Reduce frizzing, detangle and prevent hair loss problem.

  • Lightweight & Ergonomic Handle
    Comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily.

  1. Make sure to dry the beard when using after shower. This will prevent electrocution.  
  2. Turn the power on
  3. Preheat for ~15 seconds and install the comb
  4. Check whether the comb is tightly locked before use
  5. Start combing your beard. You can also go near to the roots of the hair because it has an anti-scald feature to protect the skin from burns.
  • Size: 26.5cm x 5.5cm x 8.1cm
  • Optimum Temperature: 120 degree
  • 1 x Quick Beard & Hair Styler for Men (With cable)
  • Do not directly touch the heat plate
  • Ensure the device is unplugged after every use. 

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order